Los Angeles Death and Suicide Cleanup

Death Cleaning Experts

Los Angeles death and suicide cleanup teams have some of the roughest jobs in the city. The scene of any violent crime or death is never pleasant, and if it involves someone close to you it’s your worst nightmare come true.

No one likes to think about cleaning up the aftermath of a crime or suicide, but we live it every day. We help survivors and property owners by coming in and handling the cleaning so that they can go about the business of grieving and picking up the pieces.

Many people don’t realize that once the coroner and law enforcement personnel leave the scene, you’re on your own; cleanup is left up to you. Most people aren’t prepared for that. Death scenes can be emotionally overwhelming, even for hardened professionals, but cleaning up blood and bodily fluids should be done as soon as possible. And because of the health risks posed by biohazards, the job should be handled by professionals.

Crime Scene Cleaning Is a Job for Experts

Not only is the sheer trauma of cleaning up after a death too much for the average person to handle, it’s also risky for someone who is unschooled in biohazard remediation to even walk on the scene, much less try to clean it up. Unless you know what you’re doing, it’s easy to spread contamination from one room to another or come into contact with harmful bacteria or viruses.

In addition, it takes someone who really knows what they’re doing to effectively clean and disinfect an area contaminated by bodily fluids and tissue. You have to use the right solvents and disinfectants; you have to remove every trace of biohazards–even if it means demolishing walls or flooring; and you have to be trained and licensed to properly dispose of contaminated materials.

Let AAA Crime Scene Cleanup take the burden off your shoulders. During this difficult time, we’re here to ensure that you receive the competent and professional decontamination and remediation services you and your home or business deserve.