Los Angeles Hoarding Cleaner

Hoarding Cleaning in Los Angeles

If you find yourself in an overwhelming situation because of a hoarder, call on a Los Angeles hoarding cleaner to take care of it; don’t try to tackle it yourself. Hoarder cleanup is a staggering responsibility for the average person. Hoarders’ homes are not just messy; they are frequently dangerous.

Hoarding has gotten a lot of attention recently, due to television shows like “Hoarders: Buried Alive” and “Clean House.” Clearly, studios think there’s a lot of entertainment value in watching other people’s train wrecks. But hoarding is not entertainment; it’s actually a tragic disease that wrecks the lives of real people and creates an often-insurmountable problem for friends and family.

Hoarding is more than just hanging onto useless junk most people would throw away. It’s a mental illness that gets worse over time until a property becomes unlivable. Accumulated materials eventually consume every space, piled high and threatening to topple over. It can be hard to walk through a hoarder’s house for all the junk.

Piles of material often block exits, creating a fire hazard. Sometimes bathrooms and kitchen sinks are so filled with trash that there is no access to running water. In some sad cases, animals are hoarded. When a place is crowded with trash, it’s impossible to clean.

As a result, a hoarder’s home is often filled with gross filth and biohazards like mold, bacteria, and human and animal waste. Such health hazards should be handled by professionals in protective gear using industrial strength cleaners. The experts at AAA Crime Scene Cleaners are trained to deal with all types of situations in which biohazards are present.

We go in and remove the accumulated items following local regulations for biohazard. The property is then thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to make it safe again.

Don’t take the enormous problem of hoarding cleanup on your own shoulders. Trust AAA Crime Scene Cleaners to restore your property to livable condition.