Unseen Heroes: The Unsung Work of Los Angeles Crime Scene Cleanup Crews

Nobody likes to think about the aftermath of a violent crime, but somebody has to do the unspeakable job of cleaning up the scene. Unless you’ve ever had to handle the task of crime scene cleanup, you have no idea what cleaning teams face.

The grim reality is that there are professional crime scene cleanup teams ready to deploy 24/7. Every day they willingly suit up in full haz-mat gear and enter rooms splashed with blood and tissue and bodily fluids, and they make it look like nothing bad ever happened there.

That’s why they’re known as the unseen, unsung heroes; crime scene cleaning is not something people want to imagine or talk about much. But the professional teams who come in and handle cleanup do incredibly important work.

  • They stop the spread of biohazards from going beyond the immediate crime scene.
  • They relieve families and property owners of a task they are not equipped to face on their own.
  • They return property to safe, liveable condition, disinfecting everything.
  • They get rid of contaminated material responsibly, following local and state regulations for biohazard transport and disposal.

For obvious reasons, most people are not cut out for the role played by crime scene cleaners. The traumatic nature of the job is just too much.

One thing is certain: it’s not a job you should tackle if you don’t know what you’re doing!

Crime Scene Cleaning Goes Below the Surface

The main reason you should not try to tackle crime scene cleaning yourself is NOT that it’s gruesome, however. The main reason is that it must be done meticulously and with attention to detail to make sure a scene is 100% clean and safe.

The vast majority of people do not have the know-how or the industrial and hospital grade disinfectants to do it right–not to mention the right personal protective equipment to guard against biohazards. Crime scene cleaning is not the place to try and save money by doing it yourself!


Crime scene cleaners know the importance of finding and eradicating every trace of tissue and bodily fluids. Anything left behind can be hazardous, not to mention create horrible odors.

Crime scene cleanup teams must check everywhere for traces of contaminants. Blood and tissue can splatter in places you wouldn’t expect.

Demolition may be required. In cases of unattended death, in which a body isn’t found until it’s liquified, fluids will have soaked into everything surrounding the body–furniture, bedding, flooring. If the carpet is contaminated beyond cleaning, it has to go. If wood floors have absorbed fluids, they must be taken up. Often, sub-flooring has to go. Sometimes even the earth beneath a house must be removed.

The same is true of walls. If blood has soaked into drywall, it has to be cut out. There’s no way to clean it.

The bottom line is if something cannot be effectively cleaned and disinfected it must be removed and disposed of properly.

Los Angeles Crime Scene Cleaning

In Los Angeles, AAA Crime Scene Cleanup is ready to come to the rescue any time of the day or night. No scene is too nightmarish for our team to remediate.

We understand that this is a traumatic time. We approach every job with compassion and discretion. We take the time to answer your questions, explain the cleanup procedure, and even help with the insurance process. (Most property insurance covers the cost of professional crime scene cleaning, by the way.)

Let us take the horrific task of crime scene cleanup off your shoulders. Rest assured that we will safely restore your property to liveable condition.

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